This game was originally made for the 2019 GTMK Game Jam under the theme of "Only One." This is not the jam version, details about this version below:

Ver 1.1: Reworked psychic ability and enemy spawning. Two new enemies as well as tweaks to previously existing enemies. Some resprites.

Ver 1.2: Mostly bug fixes. Reworked beetle enemy.

Sounds from to: Hitrison, InspectorJ, JustKiddink, relwin, Syna-Max, Slave2theLight, Timbre, fastson, aishabag23, and Soundslikewillem)


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is the update ready yet?

fun! pleas update or make sequal


I have been working on an update in my free time and I should be able to get it out by Labor Day.


is s the update ready yet?


The update was published 21 days ago late on Labor Day. Does it not show up for you?

I havent tried yet thats all I will have a test now, also thanks!

oh cool are the two new enemies the sand storm and the armour psychic plants?